Commit 5a3cd7b5 authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[2375] getNextToken() and ungetNextToken() interface.

With doxygen description of what it should do and empty method bodies,
so the tests in following commits will at least compile.
parent 504f64b2
......@@ -152,6 +152,17 @@ MasterLexer::getSourceLine() const {
return (impl_->sources_.back()->getCurrentLine());
MasterLexer::getNextToken(Options) {
// TODO load the token
return (impl_->token_);
MasterLexer::ungetToken() {
namespace {
const char* const error_text[] = {
"lexer not started", // NOT_STARTED
......@@ -178,6 +178,41 @@ public:
/// \return The current line number of the source (see the description)
size_t getSourceLine() const;
/// \brief Parse and return another token from the input.
/// It reads a bit of the last opened source and produces another token
/// found in it.
/// \param options The options can be used to modify the tokenization.
/// The method can be made reporting things which are usually ignored
/// by this parameter. Multiple options can be passed at once by
/// bitwise or (eg. option1 | option 2). See description of available
/// options.
/// \return Next token found in the input.
/// \throw isc::InvalidOperation in case the source is not available. This
/// may mean the pushSource() has not been called yet, or that the
/// current source has been read past the end.
/// \throw std::bad_alloc in case allocation of some internal resources
/// or the token fail.
Token getNextToken(Options options = NONE);
/// \brief Return the last token back to the lexer.
/// The method undoes the lasts call to getNextToken(). If you call the
/// getNextToken() again with the same options, it'll return the same
/// token. If the options are different, it may return a different token,
/// but it acts as if the previous getNextToken() was never called.
/// It is possible to return only one token back in time (you can't call
/// ungetToken() twice in a row without calling getNextToken() in between
/// successfully).
/// It does not work after change of source (by pushSource or popSource).
/// \throw isc::InvalidOperation If called second time in a row or if
/// getNextToken() was not called since the last change of the source.
void ungetToken();
struct MasterLexerImpl;
MasterLexerImpl* impl_;
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