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[master] AUTHORS, ChangeLog updated after gtihub38 merge.

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......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ We have received the following contributions:
2017-02: Numerous spelling mistakes
2017-12: Significant update for Cassandra backend
2018-01: Host reservations for Cassandra
2018-01: Uniform compilation
- Vincent Legout
2016-11: Fixed serveral spelling mistakes
1349. [build] andreipavelQ
Compilation parameters unified (every file now includes config.h,
several makefile tweaks).
(Github #38, git 7206aa79c57be7466c4ab3dd558663c6c4f858b7)
1348. [func] fdupont
Several hook points now support next step status DROP. This allows
more flexibility with dropping packets from within hooks.
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