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[master] use two tabs before the committer username

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
b10-dhcp6: Command line-switch '-s' to disable msgq was added.
(Trac #1708, git e0d7c52a71414f4de1361b09d3c70431c96daa3f)
458. [build]* jinmei
458. [build]* jinmei
BIND 10 now relies on Boost offset_ptr, which caused some new
portability issues. Such issues are detected at ./configure time.
If ./configure stops due to this, try the following workaround:
......@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@
(which would be the case if Boost is installed via pkgsrc)
(Trac #2147, git 30061d1139aad8716e97d6b620c259752fd0a3cd)
457. [build]* muks
457. [build]* muks
BIND 10 library names now have a "b10-" prefix. This is to avoid
clashes with other similarly named libraries on the system.
(Trac #2071, git ac20a00c28069804edc0a36050995df52f601efb)
456. [build]* muks
456. [build]* muks
BIND 10 now compiles against log4cplus-1.1.0 (RC releases)
also. Note: some older versions of log4cplus don't work any more;
known oldest workable version is 1.0.4. Thanks to John Lumby for
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