Commit 5d4fa4ed authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[3504b] Rewrote ReleaseNoSubnet unit test

parent e40a9124
......@@ -259,4 +259,27 @@ TEST_F(ReleaseTest, releaseNonMatchingIPAddress) {
// This test verifies that incoming RELEASE from a bad location
// is correctly dropped.
TEST_F(ReleaseTest, ReleaseNoSubnet) {
Dhcp4Client client(Dhcp4Client::SELECTING);
// Configure DHCP server.
configure(RELEASE_CONFIGS[0], *client.getServer());
// Perform 4-way exchange to obtain a new lease.
// Remember the acquired address.
IOAddress leased_address = client.config_.lease_.addr_;
// Release is as it was relayed
// Send the release
// Check that the lease was not removed (due to no subnet)
Lease4Ptr lease = LeaseMgrFactory::instance().getLease4(leased_address);
} // end of anonymous namespace
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