Commit 5e28acf3 authored by Shawn Routhier's avatar Shawn Routhier
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[3755] Add message to D2 per reveiw comments.

Actually modified a debug message to turn it into an info
parent fbe5fe78
......@@ -431,10 +431,6 @@ This is a debug message issued when reverse DNS updates are disabled and
DHCP_DDNS receives an update request containing a reverse DNS update. The
reverse update will not performed.
% DHCP_DDNS_RUN_ENTER application has entered the event loop
This is a debug message issued when the DHCP-DDNS application enters
its run method.
% DHCP_DDNS_RUN_EXIT application is exiting the event loop
This is a debug message issued when the DHCP-DDNS server exits its
event lo
......@@ -457,6 +453,11 @@ error after receiving a signal. This is a programmatic error and should be
reported. While The application will likely continue to operating, it may be
unable to respond correctly to signals.
% DHCP_DDNS_STARTED Kea DHCP-DDNS server version %1 started
This informational message indicates that the DHCP-DDNS server has
processed all configuration information and is ready to beging processing.
The version is also printed.
% DHCP_DDNS_STARTING DHCP-DDNS starting, pid: %1, version: %2
This is an informational message issued when controller for the
service first starts. Version is also reported.
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ D2Process::init() {
D2Process::run() {
// Loop forever until we are allowed to shutdown.
while (!canShutdown()) {
try {
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