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[master] mention some dhcp components

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......@@ -22,8 +22,9 @@ AXFR inbound service, b10-xfrout outgoing AXFR service, b10-zonemgr
secondary manager, b10-stats statistics collection and reporting
daemon, b10-stats-httpd for HTTP access to XML-formatted stats,
b10-host DNS lookup utility, and a new libdns++ library for C++
with a python wrapper. BIND 10 also provides an experimental DHCPv6
echo server, b10-dhcp6.
with a python wrapper. BIND 10 also provides experimental DHCPv4
and DHCPv6 servers, b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6, a portable DHCP library,
libdhcp++, and a DHCP benchmarking tool, perfdhcp.
Documentation is included with the source. See doc/guide/bind10-guide.txt
(or bind10-guide.html) for installation instructions. The
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