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[5022] Updated Kea Administrator's Manual with pool specific options.

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......@@ -932,6 +932,7 @@ temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
(Dhcp6/option-data), rather you should set only subnet-specific values
The following commands override the global
DNS servers option for a particular subnet, setting a single DNS
......@@ -959,6 +960,48 @@ temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
In some cases it is useful to associate some options with an
address or prefix pool from which a client is assigned a lease. Pool
specific option values override subnet specific and global option
values. If the client is assigned multiple leases from different
pools, the server will assign options from all pools from which the
leases have been obtained. However, if the particular option is specified
in multiple pools from which the client obtains the leases, only one
instance of this option will be handed out to the client. The server's
administrator must not try to prioritize assignment of pool specific
options by trying to order pools declarations in the server
configuration. Future Kea releases may change the order in which
options are assigned from the pools without any notice.
The following configuration snippet demonstrates how to specify the
DNS servers option, which will be assigned to a client only if the
client obtains an address from the given pool:
"Dhcp6": {
"subnet6": [
"pools": [
"pool": "2001:db8:1::100-2001:db8:1::300",
<userinput>"option-data": [
"name": "dns-servers",
"data": "2001:db8:1::10"
The currently supported standard DHCPv6 options are
listed in <xref linkend="dhcp6-std-options-list"/>.
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