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[2209] Interface of the getCachedZoneWriter()

Unlike what the ticket suggests, it takes concrete origin parameter, not
some yet unknown config value, for two reasons:
 * The format of config is not known.
 * Leaking some details about what memory segment or whatever is being
   used for the cache through the interface looks like a bad idea. Even
   leaking the existence of the cache is enough.
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......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ typedef boost::shared_ptr<DataSourceClientContainer>
// and hide real definitions except for itself and tests.
namespace memory {
class InMemoryClient;
class ZoneWriter;
/// \brief The list of data source clients.
......@@ -289,6 +290,31 @@ public:
/// the original data source no longer contains the cached zone.
ReloadResult reload(const dns::Name& zone);
/// \brief Return value of getCachedZoneWriter()
/// A pair containing status and the zone writer, for the
/// getCachedZoneWriter() method.
typedef std::pair<ReloadResult, boost::shared_ptr<memory::ZoneWriter> >
/// \brief Return a zone writer that can be used to reload a zone.
/// This looks up a cached copy of zone and returns the ZoneWriter
/// that can be used to reload the content of the zone. This can
/// be used instead of reload() -- reload() works synchronously, which
/// is not what is needed every time.
/// \param zone The origin of the zone to reload.
/// \return The result has two parts. The first one is a status describing
/// if it worked or not (and in case it didn't, also why). If the status
/// is ZONE_RELOADED, the second part contains a shared pointer to the
/// writer. If the status is anything else, the second part is NULL.
/// \throw DataSourceError or anything else that the data source
/// containing the zone might throw is propagated.
/// \throw DataSourceError if something unexpected happens, like when
/// the original data source no longer contains the cached zone.
ZoneWriterPair getCachedZoneWriter(const dns::Name& zone);
/// \brief Implementation of the ClientList::find.
virtual FindResult find(const dns::Name& zone,
bool want_exact_match = false,
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