Commit 627a1bbe authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[2188] Test loading with comments in strings

Obviously, it fails.
parent 6e500e57
......@@ -48,6 +48,9 @@ ${LOADZONE_PATH}/b10-loadzone -d ${TEST_OUTPUT_PATH}/zone.sqlite3 ttlext.db >> /
echo "loadzone from example.db"
${LOADZONE_PATH}/b10-loadzone -d ${TEST_OUTPUT_PATH}/zone.sqlite3 example.db >> /dev/null
echo "loadzone from comment.db"
${LOADZONE_PATH}/b10-loadzone -d ${TEST_OUTPUT_PATH}/zone.sqlite3 comment.db >> /dev/null
echo "I:test master file \$INCLUDE semantics"
echo "I:test master file BIND 8 compatibility TTL and \$TTL semantics"
echo "I:test master file RFC1035 TTL and \$TTL semantics"
......@@ -55,6 +58,7 @@ echo "I:test master file BIND8 compatibility and mixed \$INCLUDE with \$TTL sema
echo "I:test master file RFC1035 TTL and mixed \$INCLUDE with \$TTL semantics"
echo "I:test master file BIND9 extenstion of TTL"
echo "I:test master file RFC1035 missing CLASS, TTL, NAME semantics"
echo "I:test master file comments"
echo "Compare test results."
from isc.datasrc import sqlite3_ds
import sys
ZONE_FILE = sys.argv[1]
zonename_set = ["include.", "ttl1.", "ttl2.", "mix1.", "mix2.", "ttlext.", ""]
zonename_set = ["include.", "ttl1.", "ttl2.", "mix1.", "mix2.", "ttlext.", "", ""]
for zone_name in zonename_set:
for rr_data in sqlite3_ds.get_zone_datas(zone_name, ZONE_FILE):
data_len = len(rr_data[2])
......@@ -77,3 +77,9 @@ 80 IN A 60 IN A 60 IN A 90 IN A 60 IN SOA 1 43200 900 1814400 7200 60 IN NS 60 IN TXT "Simple text" 60 IN TXT "; No comment" 60 IN TXT "Also no comment here" 60 IN TXT "A combination ; see?"
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