Commit 64967d80 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont

[365-automatically-calculate-the-values-for-options-58-and-59] Moved new parameters

parent 4922c6a9
...@@ -99,6 +99,9 @@ using namespace std; ...@@ -99,6 +99,9 @@ using namespace std;
VALID_LIFETIME "valid-lifetime" VALID_LIFETIME "valid-lifetime"
RENEW_TIMER "renew-timer" RENEW_TIMER "renew-timer"
REBIND_TIMER "rebind-timer" REBIND_TIMER "rebind-timer"
CALCULATE_TEE_TIMES "calculate-tee-times"
T1_PERCENT "t1-percent"
T2_PERCENT "t2-percent"
DECLINE_PROBATION_PERIOD "decline-probation-period" DECLINE_PROBATION_PERIOD "decline-probation-period"
SERVER_TAG "server-tag" SERVER_TAG "server-tag"
SUBNET4 "subnet4" SUBNET4 "subnet4"
...@@ -116,9 +119,6 @@ using namespace std; ...@@ -116,9 +119,6 @@ using namespace std;
RECORD_TYPES "record-types" RECORD_TYPES "record-types"
ENCAPSULATE "encapsulate" ENCAPSULATE "encapsulate"
ARRAY "array" ARRAY "array"
CALCULATE_TEE_TIMES "calculate-tee-times"
T1_PERCENT "t1-percent"
T2_PERCENT "t2-percent"
SHARED_NETWORKS "shared-networks" SHARED_NETWORKS "shared-networks"
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