Commit 64ac0166 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1068] avoid TYPED_TEST for purely mock-specific test fixtures.

parent ba50f189
......@@ -799,6 +799,11 @@ public:
typedef ::testing::Types<MockAccessor, TestSQLite3Accessor> TestAccessorTypes;
TYPED_TEST_CASE(DatabaseClientTest, TestAccessorTypes);
// In some cases the entire test fixture is for the mock accessor only.
// We use the usual TEST_F for them with the corresponding specialized class
// to make the code simpler.
typedef DatabaseClientTest<MockAccessor> MockDatabaseClientTest;
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, zoneNotFound) {
DataSourceClient::FindResult zone(
......@@ -852,19 +857,14 @@ TEST(GenericDatabaseClientTest, notImplementedIterator) {
// Pretend a bug in the connection and pass NULL as the context
// Should not crash, but gracefully throw. Works for the mock accessor only.
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, nullIteratorContext) {
if (this->is_mock_) {
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, nullIteratorContext) {
// It doesn't crash or anything if the zone is completely empty.
// Works for the mock accessor only.
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, emptyIterator) {
if (!this->is_mock_) {
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, emptyIterator) {
ZoneIteratorPtr it(this->client_->getIterator(Name("")));
EXPECT_EQ(ConstRRsetPtr(), it->getNextRRset());
// This is past the end, it should throw
......@@ -924,12 +924,8 @@ TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, iterator) {
// This has inconsistent TTL in the set (the rest, like nonsense in
// the data is handled in rdata itself). Work for mock iterator only.
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, badIterator) {
if (!this->is_mock_) {
// the data is handled in rdata itself). Works for the mock accessor only.
TEST_F(MockDatabaseClientTest, badIterator) {
// It should not throw, but get the lowest one of them
ZoneIteratorPtr it(this->client_->getIterator(Name("")));
EXPECT_EQ(it->getNextRRset()->getTTL(), isc::dns::RRTTL(300));
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