Commit 6535fcf6 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2091a] some additional notes about the restriction of using the same memsgmt.

parent 78fe82d1
......@@ -754,11 +754,23 @@ public:
/// This method also destroys and deallocates all nodes inserted to the
/// tree.
/// \note The memory segment (\c mem_sgmt) must be the same one that
/// was originally used to allocate memory for the tree (and for all
/// nodes inserted to the tree, due to the requirement of \c insert()),
/// since the tree itself doesn't maintain a reference to the segment.
/// This is not a robust interface, but since we plan to share the tree
/// structure by multiple processes via shared memory or possibly allow
/// the memory image to be dumped to a file for later reload, there
/// doesn't seem to be an easy way to store such reference in the data
/// itself. We should probably consider a wrapper interface that
/// encapsulates the corresponding segment and always use it for any
/// allocation/deallocation of tree related data (the tree itself, their
/// nodes, and node data) to keep the usage as safe as possible.
/// \throw none
/// \param mem_sgmt The \c MemorySegment that allocated memory for
/// \c rbtree (and for all nodes inserted to the tree, due to the
/// requirement of \c insert()).
/// \c rbtree and for all nodes inserted to the tree.
/// \param rbtree A non NULL pointer to a valid \c RBTree object
/// that was originally created by the \c create() method (the behavior
/// is undefined if this condition isn't met).
......@@ -1090,6 +1102,10 @@ public:
/// \brief Swaps two tree's contents.
/// This and \c other trees must have been created with the same
/// memory segment (see the discussion in \c create()); otherwise the
/// behavior is undefined.
/// This acts the same as many std::*.swap functions, exchanges the
/// contents. This doesn't throw anything.
void swap(RBTree<T>& other) {
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