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[2105] Add #2054 (nodeFission changes) into DomainTree

parent 9d416b80
......@@ -1324,10 +1324,11 @@ private:
/// Split one node into two nodes for "prefix" and "suffix" parts of
/// the labels of the original node, respectively. The given node
/// will hold the suffix labels, while the new node will hold the prefix.
/// The newly created node represents the labels that the original node
/// did, so necessary data are swapped.
/// (Note: as commented in the code, this behavior should be changed).
/// will hold the prefix, while a newly created node will hold the prefix.
/// Note that the original node still represents the same domain name in
/// the entire tree. This ensures that a pointer to a node keeps its
/// semantics even if the tree structure is changed (as long as the node
/// itself remains valid).
void nodeFission(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt, DomainTreeNode<T, DT>& node,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_prefix,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_suffix);
......@@ -1637,8 +1638,8 @@ DomainTree<T, DT>::previousNode(DomainTreeNodeChain<T, DT>& node_path) const {
template <typename T, typename DT>
typename DomainTree<T, DT>::Result
DomainTree<T, DT>::insert(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt,
const isc::dns::Name& target_name,
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>** new_node)
const isc::dns::Name& target_name,
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>** new_node)
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>* parent = NULL;
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>* current = root_.get();
......@@ -1678,6 +1679,7 @@ DomainTree<T, DT>::insert(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt,
dns::LabelSequence new_prefix = current_labels;
nodeFission(mem_sgmt, *current, new_prefix, common_ancestor);
current = current->getParent();
......@@ -1718,56 +1720,58 @@ DomainTree<T, DT>::deleteAllNodes(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt) {
root_ = NULL;
// Note: when we redesign this (still keeping the basic concept), we should
// change this part so the newly created node will be used for the inserted
// name (and therefore the name for the existing node doesn't change).
// Otherwise, things like shortcut links between nodes won't work.
// See Trac #2054.
template <typename T, typename DT>
DomainTree<T, DT>::nodeFission(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt,
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>& node,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_prefix,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_suffix)
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>& node,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_prefix,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_suffix)
// Create and reset the labels.
// Once a new node is created, no exception will be thrown until
// the end of the function, and it will keep consistent behavior
// (i.e., a weak form of strong exception guarantee) even if code
// after the call to this function throws an exception.
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>* down_node = DomainTreeNode<T, DT>::create(mem_sgmt,
std::swap(node.data_, down_node->data_);
// Swap flags bitfields; yes, this is ugly (it appears we cannot use
// std::swap for bitfields). The right solution is to implement
// the above note regarding #2054, then we won't have to swap the
// flags in the first place.
const bool is_root = node.isSubTreeRoot();
const uint32_t tmp = node.flags_;
node.flags_ = down_node->flags_;
down_node->flags_ = tmp;
down_node->down_ = node.getDown();
if (down_node->down_ != NULL) {
down_node->down_->parent_ = down_node;
DomainTreeNode<T, DT>* up_node = DomainTreeNode<T, DT>::create(mem_sgmt,
up_node->parent_ = node.getParent();
if (node.getParent() != NULL) {
if (node.getParent()->getLeft() == &node) {
node.getParent()->left_ = up_node;
} else if (node.getParent()->getRight() == &node) {
node.getParent()->right_ = up_node;
} else {
node.getParent()->down_ = up_node;
} else {
this->root_ = up_node;
node.down_ = down_node;
down_node->parent_ = &node;
up_node->down_ = &node;
node.parent_ = up_node;
// Restore the color of the node (may have gotten changed by the flags
// swap)
// inherit the left/right pointers from the original node, and set
// the original node's left/right pointers to NULL.
up_node->left_ = node.getLeft();
if (node.getLeft() != NULL) {
node.getLeft()->parent_ = up_node;
up_node->right_ = node.getRight();
if (node.getRight() != NULL) {
node.getRight()->parent_ = up_node;
node.left_ = NULL;
node.right_ = NULL;
// root node of sub tree, the initial color is BLACK
down_node->setColor(DomainTreeNode<T, DT>::BLACK);
// set color of both nodes; the initial subtree node color is BLACK
node.setColor(DomainTreeNode<T, DT>::BLACK);
// mark it as the root of a subtree
// set the subtree root flag of both nodes
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ const size_t Name::MAX_LABELS;
/* The initial structure of dtree
* .
* .
* |
* b
* / \
......@@ -266,6 +266,36 @@ TEST_F(DomainTreeTest, subTreeRoot) {
TEST_F(DomainTreeTest, additionalNodeFission) {
// These are additional nodeFission tests added by #2054's rewrite
// of DomainTree::nodeFission(). These test specific corner cases that
// are not covered by other tests.
// Insert "t.0" (which becomes the left child of its parent)
dtree_expose_empty_node.insert(mem_sgmt_, Name("t.0"),
// "t.0" is not a subtree root
dtree_expose_empty_node.find(Name("t.0"), &dtnode));
// fission the node "t.0"
dtree_expose_empty_node.insert(mem_sgmt_, Name("0"),
// the node "0" ("0".down_ -> "t") should not be a subtree root. "t"
// should be a subtree root.
// "t.0" should be a subtree root now.
dtree_expose_empty_node.find(Name("t.0"), &dtnode));
TEST_F(DomainTreeTest, findName) {
// find const dtnode
// exact match
......@@ -472,7 +502,7 @@ TEST_F(DomainTreeTest, getAbsoluteNameError) {
*the domain order should be:
* The domain order should be:
* ., a, b, c, d.e.f, x.d.e.f, w.y.d.e.f, o.w.y.d.e.f, p.w.y.d.e.f,
* q.w.y.d.e.f, z.d.e.f, j.z.d.e.f, g.h, i.g.h, k.g.h
* . (no data, can't be found)
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