Commit 694ee392 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1584review] added a test for a run time collision case for wildcard + NSEC3.

main code was simplified; we let Message::addRRset() catch the error and throw.
parent 863e56e6
......@@ -195,10 +195,9 @@ Query::addWildcardProof(ZoneFinder& finder,
// met the zone is broken anyway).
const ZoneFinder::FindNSEC3Result NSEC3Result(
finder.findNSEC3(qname_, true));
if (NULL == NSEC3Result.next_proof) {
isc_throw(BadNSEC3, "Unexpected NSEC3 "
"result for wildcard proof");
// Note that at this point next_proof must not be NULL unless it's
// a run time collision (or zone/findNSEC3() is broken). The
// unexpected case will be caught in addRRset() and result in SERVFAIL.
NSEC3Result.next_proof), dnssec_);
......@@ -1415,6 +1415,20 @@ TEST_F(QueryTest, CNAMEwildNSEC3) {
TEST_F(QueryTest, badWildcardNSEC3) {
// Similar to wildcardNSEC3, but emulating run time collision by
// returning NULL in the next closer proof for the closest encloser
// proof.
ZoneFinder::FindNSEC3Result nsec3(true, 0, textToRRset(nsec3_apex_txt),
EXPECT_THROW(Query(memory_client, Name(""),
RRType::A(), response, true).process(),
TEST_F(QueryTest, badWildcardProof1) {
// Unexpected case in wildcard proof: ZoneFinder::find() returns SUCCESS
// when NXDOMAIN is expected.
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