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......@@ -35,26 +35,12 @@ unless you alter description of existing commands or add a new one.
There are several steps needed to document a new API command:
1. edit docgen/cmds-list and add the new command
2. ./configure --enable-generate-docs
3. make - you need to build the sources first, am afraid. The reason why you
need to do this is that the tool kea-docgen depends on libkea-cc as it
loads JSON files. This means that the libs need to be built first.
4. (optional) run: make templates
This will go through the list of commands listed in cmds-list
and will check if there are corresponding JSON files in api/name.json
If the file is missing, a new JSON will be created using template.
If you dislike this generator, you can always use api/_template.json
and copy it over under the name of a new command.
5. Edit api/command-name.json. If the command is provided by the daemon
out of its own (and not via hook), simply delete the hook entry.
If you don't want to provide command syntax (cmd-syntax key),
any comments about the syntax (cmd-comment key) or response syntax
(resp-syntax) or any comment about response (resp-comment), simply
remove those unused keys. The generator will attempt to generate
boilerplates for it.
6. Generate api.xml: make api
7. Rebuild User's Guide as usual: make guide
1. Configure sources with ./configure --enable-generate-docs
1. Copy doc/sphinx/api/_template.json to appropriate name.
2. Remove comments from it and fill in the actual content.
3. Update api_files variable in doc/sphinx/
4. make html will generate multi-page html.
5. make singlehtml will generate a single page html.
A word of caution regaring editing JSON files. The files themselves need to be
valid JSON files. They also often contain fields, such as command syntax or
......@@ -63,6 +49,12 @@ means that some trickery with escaping double quotes will be involved. Note
there is no need to escape any other character, unless you want to specify
non-printable characters.
Also, while Kea's JSON parser supports comments and multi-line string, they
are not part of JSON standard. That means that external tools, such as python
or Sphinx parsers are not able to deal with them. Therefore comments must
be removed and long strings (such as command descriptions or example invocations)
are to be presented as a list of strings ( e.g. [ "line1", "line2, "line3" ]).
@section docsDevelGuide Generating Developer's Guide
Generating Developer's Guide is very simple, although you need to have
......@@ -71,7 +63,7 @@ generate nice diagrams. To generate developer's guide, do the following commands
$ ./configure
$ cd doc
$ cd doc/devel
$ make devel
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