Commit 6af4cf93 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[master] Added ChangeLog entry for #5009.

parent d3109bb2
1175. [bug] marcin
Corrected a bug whereby a client, for which there was no
host reservation specified, did not obtain an IPv6 lease
from a server when PostgreSQL or MySQL host database backend
was in use. In addition, PostgreSQL host database backend
allows for specifying NULL values in certain columns within
host reservation tables.
(Trac #5009, git d3109bb27786867fdc99954ba55367f0ad129e7a)
1174. [bug] tmark
Modifed kea-dhcp6 to avoid requesting DNS updates when
existing leases are renewed without changes to the FQDN.
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