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[2148] update doxygen for constructor

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......@@ -92,6 +92,18 @@ public:
/// labelsequence into the given external buffer, which is subsequently
/// extendable by calling extend()
/// The data is placed into the given buffer as follows:
/// - binary sequence of name data, starting at position 0,
/// length determined by source LabelSequence
/// - offsets, starting at position Name::MAX_WIRE, length
/// determined by source LabelSequence
/// The offsets are updated to be correct for the potentially partial
/// name data (as stripLeft() and stripRight may have been called on
/// the source LabelSequence).
/// \note The given buf MUST remain in scope during the lifetime of
/// the LabelSequence created here.
/// \param src LabelSequence to copy the initial data from
/// \param buf external buffer to store this labelsequence's data in
LabelSequence(const LabelSequence& src, uint8_t buf[MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH]);
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