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[3979] Added description of leases-reclaim command to User Guide.

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......@@ -112,6 +112,33 @@ configuration file.</para>
<section id="commands-common">
<title>Commands supported by both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers</title>
<section id="command-leases-reclaim">
<title>leases-reclaim command</title>
<emphasis>leases-reclaim</emphasis> command instructs the server to
reclaim all expired leases immediately. The command has the following
JSON syntax:
"command": "leases-reclaim",
"arguments": {
"remove": true
<para>The <emphasis>remove</emphasis> boolean parameter is mandatory
and it indicates whether the reclaimed leases should be removed from
the lease database (if true), or they should be left in the
<emphasis>expired-reclaimed</emphasis> state (if false). The latter
facilitates lease affinity, i.e. ability to re-assign expired lease to
the same client which used this lease before. See the
<xref linkend="lease-affinity"/> for the details. Also, see the
<xref linkend="lease-reclamation"/> for the general information
about the processing of expired leases (leases reclamation).</para>
<section id="command-list-commands">
<title>list-commands command</title>
......@@ -336,4 +336,12 @@
<section id="leases-reclamation-using-command">
<title>Reclaiming Expired Leases with Command</title>
<para>The <emphasis>leases-reclaim</emphasis> command can be used to trigger
leases reclamation at any time. Please consult the
<xref linkend="command-leases-reclaim"/> for the details about using this
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