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[3742] Corrected kea-admin command line depictions in Kea Admin Reference

    Admin guide mistakenly showed -d for database-name, changed to show -n
parent 93ca5d78
......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ $
If you elected not to create the tables in step 4, you can do
so now by running the <command>kea-admin</command> tool:
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-init mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -d <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-init mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -n <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
(Do not do this if you did create the tables in step 4.)
<command>kea-admin</command> implements rudimentary checks:
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ $ <userinput>kea-admin lease-init mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceab
To check the current version of the database, use the following command:
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-version mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -d <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-version mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -n <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
(See <xref linkend="kea-database-version"/> for a discussion
about versioning.) If the version does not match the minimum
......@@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ $ <userinput>kea-admin lease-version mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replac
to subsequently downgrade to an earlier version. To perform
an upgrade, issue the following command:
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-upgrade mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -d <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
$ <userinput>kea-admin lease-upgrade mysql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceable> -p <replaceable>database-password</replaceable> -n <replaceable>database-name</replaceable></userinput>
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