Commit 7087a74b authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[1461] initial addition of config for tests

parent 3430cd41
{"version": 2, "Logging": {"loggers": [{"debuglevel": 99, "severity": "DEBUG", "name": "*"}]}, "DDNS": {"zones": [{"origin": "", "update_acl": [{"action": "ACCEPT", "from": ""}], "class": "IN"}]}, "Auth": {"database_file": "data/ddns/", "listen_on": [{"port": 47806, "address": ""}]}, "Boss": {"components": {"b10-ddns": {"kind": "needed"}, "b10-auth": {"kind": "needed", "special": "auth"}, "b10-cmdctl": {"kind": "needed", "special": "cmdctl"}}}}
......@@ -53,8 +53,14 @@ copylist = [
# This is a list of files that, if present, will be removed before a scenario
......@@ -258,7 +264,7 @@ class RunningProcesses:
Initialize with no running processes.
self.processes = {}
def add_process(self, step, process_name, args):
Start a process with the given arguments, and store it under the given
......@@ -297,14 +303,14 @@ class RunningProcesses:
"Process " + name + " unknown"
del self.processes[process_name]
def stop_all_processes(self):
Stop all running processes.
for process in self.processes.values():
def keep_files(self):
Keep the redirection files for stdout/stderr output of all processes
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