Commit 720e8e3b authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont

[65-libyang-option-data] Updated dozygen doc with dependencies to run unit tests

parent 59bf841e
......@@ -100,3 +100,25 @@ sysrepoctl -l
Make sure that keatest-module is on the list.
To install standard module dependency, look for ietf-inet-types and
ietf-yang-types YANG files in the libyang distribution.
Note as DHCP modules are still being developed it can be useful to
deinstall them before reinstalling a more recent version vy:
sudo sysrepoctl --uninstall --module=<module-name>
Tests use these modules you can find in src/lib/yang/models in addition
of keatest-module:
- ietf-dhcpv6-server
- kea-ctrl-agent
- kea-dhcp-ddns
- kea-dhcp4-server
- kea-dhcp6-server
To finish the sysrepod daemon must run as root:
sudo sysrepod
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