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[master] ChangeLog renumbered

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1378. [bug] marcin
1381. [bug] marcin
Corrected a bug in the libkea-asiolink library which caused
the DHCP servers to crash while processing commands over
the unix domain socket on some systems.
(Trac #5580, git cb5276a24436a9e9ce4d1ab4630e7193a4c2d803)
1377. [func] fdupont
1380. [func] fdupont
Implemented lease6-get-all command in lease_cmds hooks library.
(Trac #5469, git a0bb7188df47a0f8020ff57739c5a6ab5f7e9828)
1376. [func, bug] marcin
1379. [func, bug] marcin
The network_state argument is provided to the callouts in
the dhcp4_srv_configured hook point. Also, fixed a couple
of minor bugs in the HTTP client classes.
(Trac #5470, git 93e2b2198c3163afb81d51fdf5ec547602a12415)
1375. [doc] tomek
1378. [doc] tomek
New parameter subnets-action for network4-del and network6-del
commands is now documented.
(Trac #5441, git 8b2ffabb3d1ba709f319df2b34d0804ee824446b)
1374. [doc] tomek
1377. [doc] tomek
New parameters for Cassandra are now documented.
(Trac #5484, git 56e7026ea2bfab99dbfa1a047dc920ec2f743540)
1374. [func] razvan
1376. [func] razvan
Cassandra backend improvements: get all IPv4 leases, delete
hosts, ability to store fixed DHCPv4 fields (next-server,
server-hostname, boot-file-name) and user contexts in host
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
(Trac #5508, git 8cd0c1ae416be88baf69c2243e83a429d6d5c965)
(Trac #4530, git 8cd0c1ae416be88baf69c2243e83a429d6d5c965)
1373. [func] tmark
1375. [func] tmark
When encountering errors unpacking vendor specific options,
both kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6 will now log the error, skip
unpacking any remaining options, and then attempt to process
......@@ -43,28 +43,28 @@
and then drop the packet.
(Trac #5551, git 59ef33ee17672c55cee4ec86ff59737b361a3c21)
1372. [func] tmark
1374. [func] tmark
kea-dhp4 and kea-dhcp6 can now be configured to attempt to
reconnect to Postgresql backends if connectivity is lost.
(Trac #5477, git 8e62a058382b2245d418cfbf829776934c638e5e)
1371. [func] marcin
1373. [func] marcin
Implemented leases parsing from JSON in libkea-dhcpsrv.
(Trac #5466, git 84c2a2084b0fb7c086fc6b9502f7ff58b708174e)
1370. [func] marcin
1372. [func] marcin
Implemented new hook points "dhcp4_srv_configured" and
"leases4_committed" in the DHCPv4 server. The latter supports
new next step status NEXT_STEP_PARK which causes the server
to "park" the client's DHCP packet.
(Trac #5457, git af43f07b0e227ccabcdf07a046a64cebb11bdccf)
1369. [bug] fdupont
1371. [bug] fdupont
Fixed a bug in JSONfeed tool which did not correctly handle
strings and interpret their content.
(Trac #5513, git 231e923a85db7fb8305c7baa4d15f766fdf60942)
1368. [bug] tmark
1370. [bug] tmark
Fixed a bug which prevented inserting multiple host reservations
where IPv4 address was unspecified or when selected subnet identifier
was not specified (5416). Corrected inconsistent data types for
......@@ -73,67 +73,67 @@
databases may be updated without data migration.
(Trac #5416, #5522, git d1dd0f2e27ffa49515c17cf68d54f162359b6384)
1367. [bug] marcin
1369. [bug] marcin
Multiple critical performance optimizations in the allocation
engine for shared networks.
(Trac #5437, git 9d8bcd39802795d48c737a05ef3de3634a28ca4e)
1366. [func] tmark
1368. [func] tmark
kea-dhcp4 now explicitly logs packets dropped due to a lack
message type as a log type DHCP4_PACKET_DROP_0009. Prior
to this such packets were logged has having an unsupported
message type of 0.
(Trac #5553, git ff97e5ffb5f3478be71aae8130b6eff3208bd69a)
1365. [func] fdupont
1367. [func] fdupont
Added initial skeleton implementation for Radius hook library.
(Trac #5524, git 832aa23b89eab71875bcbdb1e955eb92fdc0e01a)
1364. [func] fdupont
1366. [func] fdupont
Implemented FNV hashing function. Cassandra backend no longer
explicitly depends on OpenSSL.
(Trac #5502, git 71de75c3bb099f21fdef0d41806da281d6271287)
1363. [func] fdupont
1365. [func] fdupont
Both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers can now listen on loopback
interfaces. This capability requires setting socket type to UDP in
DHCPv4. Note the feature has not been thoroughly tested.
(Trac #5390, git f38cbd73581a7a0f8634a63cb17f9b60407e3acc)
1362. [func] fdupont
1364. [func] fdupont
Extended forensic (aka legal) logging with database capability.
(Trac #5420, git 94bd3cc313e9f2a982ef8f8adf0cf44024c76499)
1361. [func] tmark
1363. [func] tmark
Added support for automatically recalculating lease statistics
to the CQL backend.
(Trac #5487, git c807388d581ee1c3e479324f3c399f27feba1c96)
1360. [func] razvan, andrei
1362. [func] razvan, andrei
A new parameter exit-wait-time has been added to perfdhcp. It is
now possible to tell perfdhcp to wait certain amount of time after
exit conditions are met before actuallying terminating.
(Github #55, git 0cd1178ae092fa0c2f122d0e16fb673b4074a6e6)
1359. [func] razvan, andrei, tomek
1361. [func] razvan, andrei, tomek
Support for Google Benchmark has been added. To compile
benchmarking support, please use --with-benchmark option.
(Github #36, git d6819971410b460d7742c762844e2e75ba580944)
1358. [build,bug] fdupont
1360. [build,bug] fdupont
Cassandra build fixes for macOS.
(Trac #5494, git cb0d735628aefd6bca2acc11b73d1f66b45d1c40)
1357. [bug] rcgoodfellow
1359. [bug] rcgoodfellow
Fixed bug in kea-admin causing error on lease-dump.
(Github #61, git 2c9454ec56edc8f3cff8a23329f53ced0d172280)
1356. [func] andreipavelQ,tomek
1358. [func] andreipavelQ,tomek
The logging configuration is now applied early, which helps
seeing errors in case the new configuration is faulty.
(Github #41, git d77fbec5a003a69cab207aa741133015f2657878)
1355. [build] andreipavelQ
1357. [build] andreipavelQ
--with-dhcp-mysql renamed to --with-mysql and
--with-dhcp-pgsql renamed to --with-pgsql. These names were
leftovers from old BIND10 times when Kea was part of bigger
......@@ -142,66 +142,66 @@
(Github #40, git 318c9e3d3db9bb938ced27932d8401172529a2ff)
1354. [doc] andreipavelQ
1356. [doc] andreipavelQ
Documentation has been upgraded to DocBook 5.0.
(Github #39, git 9b6705bd6c534128ec18820ff0cbdd72b7fce9e9)
1353. [func] tomek
1355. [func] tomek
Lightweight 4over6 options reinstantiated. Definitions for DHCPv6
options 89 through 96 were added back. DHCPv4 v4 Parameters Option
159 has its definition tweaked slightly.
(Trac #5514, git 6a4aac2b3bfffe41460db6d1cd3c55b1430aa50c)
1352. [build] andrei
1354. [build] andrei
Support for coverage tests has been improved.
(Github #43, git 1949bb3abf71fb3997044d239eb683095166c39f)
1351. [build,bug] andrei, razvan
1353. [build,bug] andrei, razvan
Various small changes and bugfixes. Thank you to Andrei Pavel
and Razvan Becheriu for submitting their patch.
(Github #54, git 2efa7494228a1797dff8d9d74107a452c61e2386)
1350. [func] fdupont
1352. [func] fdupont
It is now possible to specify client classification restrictions
on per pool basis. This capability will be useful for grouping
certain types of devices into specific address and/or prefix
(Trac #5425, git 5f3a89d6e32e90cd9cbb2347c7b2208c3e1561e0)
1349. [build] andreipavelQ
1351. [build] andreipavelQ
Compilation parameters unified (every file now includes config.h,
several makefile tweaks).
(Github #38, git 7206aa79c57be7466c4ab3dd558663c6c4f858b7)
1348. [func] fdupont
1350. [func] fdupont
Several hook points now support next step status DROP. This allows
more flexibility with dropping packets from within hooks.
(Trac #5443, git ff22a906915a34df327174f550f69a396a05bb2c)
1347. [func] marcin
1349. [func] marcin
Implemented HTTP client classes in libkea-http.
(Trac #5451, git 94267e252b372650e4235389251b49d6f5501322)
1346. [build] fdupont
1348. [build] fdupont
Modified to include premium module m4 macros, if the
module is present. Prior to this it relied on premium having it's
own script.
(Trac #5400, git 38c4f2fb8fc8c8874a0e4671cc295a049acf675f)
1345. [build] fdupont
1347. [build] fdupont
Added support of boost 1.66.0 ASIO.
(Github #60/Trac #5496, git bc2947de4296bd99b74e50e65f272c7ad5312429)
1344. [func] marcin
1346. [func] marcin
Implemented lease4-get-all command in lease_cmds hooks library.
(Trac #5468, git a378ec28489e98df64830d1f26c3bebd20e256b2)
1343. [func] marcin
1345. [func] marcin
Implemented "force-create" parameter for lease4-update and
lease6-update commands.
(Trac #5472, git 369245e4c5308a701fd483123f2cb2fd7d3d0966)
1342. [func] andrei, razvan
1344. [func] andrei, razvan
Support for host reservations stored in Cassandra added. The core
functionality was added. There are some limitations (delete,
client classes, fixed DHCPv4 fields, statistics recount, etc.)
......@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@
1341. [func] razvan, andrei
Significant update of Cassandra support. A lot of code for
Cassandr Lease Manager has been updated and partially rewritten.
Cassandra Lease Manager has been updated and partially rewritten.
(github #35, git 41795494720cd9886c1e98d21eaeefd94d674e37)
1340. [func] marcin
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