Commit 75a976fc authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont Committed by Marcin Siodelski

[642-update-mysql-cb-with-calls-to-set-delete-and-retrieve-servers] Minor...

[642-update-mysql-cb-with-calls-to-set-delete-and-retrieve-servers] Minor comment fixes in hook header files
parent dee370a7
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ public:
/// @param create_audit_revision Index of the query inserting audit
/// revision.
/// @param create_index Index of the INSERT query to be used.
/// @param update_index index of the UPDATE query to be used.
/// @param update_index Index of the UPDATE query to be used.
/// @param server Pointer to the server to be inserted or updated.
void createUpdateServer(const int create_audit_revision_index,
const int create_index,
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