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<section xml:id="dhcp4-authoritative">
<title>Authoritative DHCPv4 Server Behavior</title>
<para>The original DHCPv4 specification
(<link xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="">RFC 2131</link>)
states that if a clients requests an address in the INIT-REBOOT state of
which, the server has no knowledge of, the server must remain silent,
except if the server knows that the client requests an IP address from the
wrong network.
By default Kea follows the behavior of the ISC dhcpd instead of the
specification and also remains silent, if the client requests an IP
address from the wrong network,
because configuration information about a given network segment is not
known to be correct.
Kea only rejects a client's DHCPREQUEST with a DHCPNAK message, if it
already has a lease for the client, but with a different IP address.
Administrators can override this behavior through the
boolean <command>authoritative</command> (<userinput>false</userinput>
by default) setting.
<para>In authoritative mode, <command>authoritative</command> set to
<userinput>true</userinput>, Kea always rejects INIT-REBOOT requests from
unknown clients with DHCPNAK messages.
The <command>authoritative</command> setting can be specified in
global, shared-network, and subnet configuration scope and is
automatically inherited from the parent scope, if not specified.
All subnets in a shared-network must have the same
<command>authoritative</command> setting.
<section xml:id="dhcp4-dhcp4o6-config">
<title>DHCPv4-over-DHCPv6: DHCPv4 Side</title>
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