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[4308] Implemented subnet selection based on interface name.

parent 8745f651
......@@ -138,7 +138,16 @@ CfgSubnets4::selectSubnet(const SubnetSelector& selector) const {
<< " doesn't exist and therefore it is impossible"
" to find a suitable subnet for its IPv4 address");
// Attempt to select subnet based on the interface name.
Subnet4Ptr subnet = selectSubnet(selector.iface_name_,
// If it matches - great. If not, we'll try to use a different
// selection criteria below.
if (subnet) {
return (subnet);
// Unable to find a suitable address to use for subnet selection.
......@@ -151,6 +160,34 @@ CfgSubnets4::selectSubnet(const SubnetSelector& selector) const {
return (selectSubnet(address, selector.client_classes_));
CfgSubnets4::selectSubnet(const std::string& iface,
const ClientClasses& client_classes) const {
for (Subnet4Collection::const_iterator subnet = subnets_.begin();
subnet != subnets_.end(); ++subnet) {
// If there's no interface specified for this subnet, proceed to
// the next subnet.
if ((*subnet)->getIface().empty()) {
// If it's specified, but does not match, proceed to the next
// subnet.
if ((*subnet)->getIface() != iface) {
// Eliminate those subnets that do not meet client class criteria.
if ((*subnet)->clientSupported(client_classes)) {
return (*subnet);
// Failed to find a subnet.
return (Subnet4Ptr());
CfgSubnets4::selectSubnet(const IOAddress& address,
const ClientClasses& client_classes) const {
......@@ -172,6 +209,7 @@ CfgSubnets4::selectSubnet(const IOAddress& address,
return (Subnet4Ptr());
CfgSubnets4::isDuplicate(const Subnet4& subnet) const {
for (Subnet4Collection::const_iterator subnet_it = subnets_.begin();
......@@ -120,6 +120,30 @@ public:
const ClientClasses& client_classes
= ClientClasses()) const;
/// @brief Returns pointer to a subnet if provided interface name matches.
/// This method returns a pointer to the subnet if the interface name passed
/// in parameter matches that of a subnet. This is mainly used for matching
/// local incoming traffic, even when the addresses on local interfaces do
/// not match subnet definition. This method is also called by the
/// @c selectSubnet(SubnetSelector).
/// @todo This method requires performance improvement! It currently
/// iterates over all existing subnets to find the one which fulfils
/// the search criteria. The subnet storage is implemented as a simple
/// STL vector which precludes fast searches using specific keys.
/// Hence, full scan is required. To improve the search performance a
/// different container type is required, e.g. multi-index container,
/// or something of a similar functionality.
/// @param iface name of the interface to be matched.
/// @param client_classes Optional parameter specifying the classes that
/// the client belongs to.
/// @return Pointer to the selected subnet or NULL if no subnet found.
Subnet4Ptr selectSubnet(const std::string& iface,
const ClientClasses& client_classes) const;
/// @brief Attempts to do subnet selection based on DHCP4o6 information
/// The algorithm implemented is as follows:
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