Commit 7a72794f authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2371] catch an error in opening a source file and gives feedback to caller.

parent f15deef5
......@@ -46,13 +46,22 @@ MasterLexer::~MasterLexer() {
delete impl_;
MasterLexer::pushSource(const char* filename) {
MasterLexer::pushSource(const char* filename, std::string* error) {
if (filename == NULL) {
"NULL filename for MasterLexer::pushSource");
impl_->sources_.push_back(InputSourcePtr(new InputSource(filename)));
try {
impl_->sources_.push_back(InputSourcePtr(new InputSource(filename)));
} catch (const InputSource::OpenError& ex) {
if (error != NULL) {
*error = ex.what();
return (false);
return (true);
......@@ -62,10 +62,20 @@ public:
/// if \c popSource() is not called within the lifetime of the
/// \c MasterLexer, it will be closed in the destructor.
/// In the case possible system errors in opening the file (most likely
/// because of specifying a non-existent or unreadable file), it returns
/// false, and if the optional \c error parameter is non NULL, it will be
/// set to a description of the error (any existing content of the string
/// will be discarded). If opening the file succeeds, the given
/// \c error parameter will be intact.
/// \throw InvalidParameter filename is NULL
/// \throw some_other The specified cannot be opened
/// \param filename A non NULL string specifying a master file
void pushSource(const char* filename);
/// \param error If non null, a placeholder to set error description in
/// case of failure.
/// \return true if pushing the file succeeds; false otherwise.
bool pushSource(const char* filename, std::string* error = NULL);
/// \brief Make the given stream the current input source of MasterLexer.
......@@ -70,18 +70,39 @@ TEST_F(MasterLexerTest, pushStream) {
TEST_F(MasterLexerTest, pushFile) {
// We use zone file (-like) data, but in this test that actually doesn't
// matter.
lexer.pushSource(TEST_DATA_SRCDIR "/masterload.txt");
EXPECT_TRUE(lexer.pushSource(TEST_DATA_SRCDIR "/masterload.txt"));
EXPECT_EQ(TEST_DATA_SRCDIR "/masterload.txt", lexer.getSourceName());
EXPECT_EQ(1, lexer.getSourceLine());
// If we give a non NULL string pointer, its content will be intact
// if pushSource succeeds.
std::string error_txt = "dummy";
EXPECT_TRUE(lexer.pushSource(TEST_DATA_SRCDIR "/masterload.txt",
EXPECT_EQ("dummy", error_txt);
TEST_F(MasterLexerTest, pushBadFileName) {
EXPECT_THROW(lexer.pushSource(NULL), isc::InvalidParameter);
TEST_F(MasterLexerTest, pushFileFail) {
// The file to be pushed doesn't exist. pushSource() fails and
// some non empty error string should be set.
std::string error_txt;
EXPECT_FALSE(lexer.pushSource("no-such-file", &error_txt));
// It's safe to pass NULL error_txt (either explicitly or implicitly as
// the default)
EXPECT_FALSE(lexer.pushSource("no-such-file", NULL));
TEST_F(MasterLexerTest, nestedPush) {
EXPECT_EQ(expected_stream_name, lexer.getSourceName());
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