Commit 7a79bacb authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[5033] Removed no longer relevant enable-udpates false test

D2ClientConfigParser:parse() - removed the enable-updates false
test as it is both irrelevant and broken (map size will never be 1)
parent fe611daf
......@@ -1264,14 +1264,6 @@ D2ClientConfigParser::parse(isc::data::ConstElementPtr client_config) {
try {
current_param = "enable-updates";
enable_updates = getBoolean(client_config, current_param);
if (!enable_updates && (client_config->mapValue().size() == 1)) {
// If enable-updates is the only parameter and it is false then
// we're done. This allows for an abbreviated configuration entry
// that only contains that flag. Use the default D2ClientConfig
// constructor to a create a disabled instance.
new_config.reset(new D2ClientConfig());
return (new_config);
current_param = "server-ip";
server_ip = IOAddress(getString(client_config, (current_param)));
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