Commit 7d917e13 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[master] Added ChangeLog entry 907 for #3742.

Also added missing issue#/commit# to entry 906.
parent ec427e4c
907. [doc] tmark
Corrected depictions of kea-admin command line options for
database-name in Kea Administrator Reference. Prior to this
the document showed "-d" as the database name option, when
in fact it is "-n".
(Trac #3742, git ec427e4c9d008abc800f87eda3c0024b35e4c2e2)
906. [doc] tmark
Added description of a restriction on extracting a MAC
address from an IPv6 link-local address to the Kea
Adminstrator Reference, section 8.8, item "ipv6-link-local".
(Trac #3691, git ca9f5541cb36f815ac614c5c21088d545eafcac6)
905. [func] marcin
DHCPv4 server assigns an address from the dynamic address
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