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[5389] Updated old .spec reference

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......@@ -110,10 +110,7 @@ The following are some details of the JSON backend framework.
(such as the logging initialization code) very easy to share among Kea4, Kea6 and
-# The .spec files used in BIND 10 by the control program to validate commands
have been retained. They will be kept and maintained even though no use of
them is currently planned. At some future time syntax validation may be implemented,
although it is out of scope for Kea 0.9 (and probably
for 1.0 as well, as it is a pretty big task).<br/><br/>
have been removed in 1.4.<br/><br/>
-# A shell script has been added (as src/bin/keactrl/keactrl) to
start, stop and reconfigure the daemons. Its only
job is to pass the configuration file to each daemon and remember its PID file, so
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