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[2377] docs: Add forgotten update to the addRRCallback

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......@@ -32,15 +32,17 @@ class Rdata;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Rdata> RdataPtr;
/// \brief Type of callback to add a RRset.
/// \brief Type of callback to add a RR.
/// This type of callback is used by the loader to report another loaded
/// RRset. The RRset is no longer preserved by the loader and is fully
/// RR. The Rdata is no longer preserved by the loader and is fully
/// owned by the callback.
/// \param RRset The rrset to add. It does not contain the accompanying
/// RRSIG (if the zone is signed), they are reported with separate
/// calls to the callback.
/// \param name The domain name where the RR belongs.
/// \param rrclass The class of the RR.
/// \param rrtype Type of the RR.
/// \param rrttl Time to live of the RR.
/// \param rdata The actual carried data of the RR.
typedef boost::function<void(const Name& name, const RRClass& rrclass,
const RRType& rrtype, const RRTTL& rrttl,
const rdata::RdataPtr& rdata)>
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