Commit 81067cee authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski

[master] Added ChangeLog entry for #27.

parent 8666ed47
1490. [bug] marcin
Applied fixes in Cassandra Host Manager which prevents Kea
crash during an attempt to delete non-existing reservation.
In particular, this crash was observed as a result of sending
reservation-del command over RESTful API.
(Gitlab #27,!138, git 8666ed4754ffd27f3aa46a2cf3e4b161a1d877ee)
1489. [doc] fdupont
Added examples of global host reservations.
(Gitlab #136, !143, git bee8b8620f849f6bcaf2b31c3b130bb371c6312c)
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