Commit 8377d0dc authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[2835] Revise the MemorySegmentState

* Don't base it on the type of segment (eg. remove MSS_LOCAL).
* Use a SEGMENT_ prefix instead of MSS_ (MSS reportedly usually refers
  to something else).
parent 5e981164
......@@ -479,9 +479,10 @@ vector<DataSourceStatus>
ConfigurableClientList::getStatus() const {
vector<DataSourceStatus> result;
BOOST_FOREACH(const DataSourceInfo& info, data_sources_) {
// TODO: Once we support mapped cache, provide the correct MSS_ value
result.push_back(DataSourceStatus(info.name_, info.cache_ ? MSS_LOCAL :
// TODO: Once we support mapped cache, decide when we need the
result.push_back(DataSourceStatus(info.name_, info.cache_ ?
return (result);
......@@ -51,15 +51,18 @@ class ZoneWriter;
/// Describes the status in which the memory segment of given data source
/// is.
enum MemorySegmentState {
/// \brief The segment is local one.
/// \brief No segment used for this data source.
/// This is usually a result of the cache being disabled.
/// \brief It is a mapped segment and we wait for information how to map
/// it.
/// \brief A mapped segment and in active use.
/// \brief The segment is ready to be used.
/// \brief Status of one data source.
......@@ -575,9 +575,9 @@ TEST_F(ListTest, status) {
const vector<DataSourceStatus> statuses(list_->getStatus());
ASSERT_EQ(2, statuses.size());
EXPECT_EQ("type1", statuses[0].getName());
EXPECT_EQ(MSS_UNUSED, statuses[0].getSegmentState());
EXPECT_EQ(SEGMENT_UNUSED, statuses[0].getSegmentState());
EXPECT_EQ("Test name", statuses[1].getName());
EXPECT_EQ(MSS_LOCAL, statuses[1].getSegmentState());
EXPECT_EQ(SEGMENT_MAPPED, statuses[1].getSegmentState());
TEST_F(ListTest, wrongConfig) {
......@@ -1163,9 +1163,9 @@ TYPED_TEST(ReloadTest, reloadMasterFile) {
// Check the status holds data and can change the segment state
TEST(DataSourceStatus, status) {
DataSourceStatus status("Test", MSS_UNUSED);
DataSourceStatus status("Test", SEGMENT_UNUSED);
EXPECT_EQ("Test", status.getName());
EXPECT_EQ(MSS_UNUSED, status.getSegmentState());
EXPECT_EQ(SEGMENT_UNUSED, status.getSegmentState());
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