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[3268] Updated bind10 guide with new D2 global parameters

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......@@ -5221,9 +5221,11 @@ Dhcp6/renew-timer 1000 integer (default)
configuration will be available. It will look similar to this:
&gt; <userinput>config show DhcpDdns</userinput>
DhcpDdns/interface "eth0" string (default)
DhcpDdns/ip_address "" string (default)
DhcpDdns/port 53001 integer (default)
DhcpDdns/dns_server_timeout 100 integer (default)
DhcpDdns/ncr-protocol "UDP" string (default)
DhcpDdns/ncr-format "JSON" string (default)
DhcpDdns/tsig_keys [] list (default)
DhcpDdns/forward_ddns/ddns_domains [] list (default)
DhcpDdns/reverse_ddns/ddns_domains [] list (default)
......@@ -5240,7 +5242,7 @@ DhcpDdns/reverse_ddns/ddns_domains [] list (default)
<command>General Server Parameters</command> &mdash;
<command>Global Server Parameters</command> &mdash;
values which control connectivity and global server behavior
......@@ -5264,13 +5266,37 @@ DhcpDdns/reverse_ddns/ddns_domains [] list (default)
<section id="d2-server-parameter-config">
<title>General Server Parameters</title>
<title>Global Server Parameters</title>
ip_address - IP address on which D2 listens for requests. The default is
the local loopback interface at address You may specify
either an IPv4 or IPv6 address.
port - Port on which D2 listens for requests. The default value
is 53001.
ncr-format - Socket protocol use when sending requests to D2. Currently
only UDP is supported. TCP may be available in an upcoming release.
ncr-protocol - Packet format to use when sending requests to D2.
Currently only JSON format is supported. Other formats may be available
in future releases.
dns_server_timeout - The maximum amount of time in milliseconds, that
D2 will wait for a response from a DNS server to a single DDNS update
The DHCP-DDNS server must listen for requests on a known address and
port. By default, it will listen at on port 53001. This is
governed by the parameters, "ip-address" and "port". Either value
may be changed using config set/commit. For example to change the
server to listen at port 900:
D2 must listen for change requests on a known address and port. By
default it listens at on port 53001. The following example
illustrates how to change D2's global parameters so it will listen
at port 900:
&gt; <userinput>config set DhcpDdns/ip_address ""</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config set DhcpDdns/port 900</userinput>
......@@ -5290,7 +5316,6 @@ DhcpDdns/reverse_ddns/ddns_domains [] list (default)
authentication to guard against such attacks.
If the ip_address and port are changed, it will be necessary to change the
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