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......@@ -389,6 +389,36 @@ public:
/// \return True if the zone was added, false if it already existed
virtual bool createZone(const dns::Name& zone_name);
/// \brief Delete a zone from the data source
/// This method also checks if the specified zone exists in the data
/// source, and returns true/false depending on whether the zone
/// existed/not existed, respectively. In either case, on successful
/// return it ensures the data source does not contain the specified
/// name of the zone.
/// \note This is a tentative API, and this method is likely to change
/// or be removed in the near future. For that reason, it currently
/// provides a default implementation that throws NotImplemented.
/// Note also that this method does not delete other database records
/// related to the zone, such as zone's resource records or differences
/// corresponding to updates made in the zone. This is primarily for
/// implementation simplicity (in the currently intended usage there
/// wouldn't be such other data at the time of this call anyway) and due
/// to the fact that details of managing zones is still in flux. Once
/// the design in this area is fixed we may revisit the behavior.
/// Apart from the two exceptions mentioned below, in theory this
/// call can throw anything, depending on the implementation of
/// the datasource backend.
/// \throw NotImplemented If the datasource backend does not support
/// direct zone deletion.
/// \throw DataSourceError If something goes wrong in the data source
/// while deleting the zone.
/// \param zone_name The (fully qualified) name of the zone to be deleted
/// \return true if the zone previously existed and has been deleted by
/// this method; false if the zone didn't exist.
virtual bool deleteZone(const dns::Name& zone_name);
......@@ -195,6 +195,21 @@ public:
/// or was created by this call).
virtual int addZone(const std::string& name) = 0;
/// \brief Delete a zone from the database
/// Like for deleteRecordToZone, implementations are not required to
/// check for the existence of the given zone name, it is the
/// responsibility of the caller to do so.
/// Callers must also start a transaction before calling this method.
/// Implementations should throw InvalidOperation if this has not been
/// done. Callers should also expect DataSourceError for other potential
/// problems specific to the database.
/// \note This method does not delete other database records related to
/// the zone. See \c DataSourceClient::deleteZone for the rationale.
/// \param zone_id The ID of the zone, that would be returned by getZone().
virtual void deleteZone(int zone_id) = 0;
/// \brief This holds the internal context of ZoneIterator for databases
......@@ -139,6 +139,8 @@ public:
/// \return the id of the zone that has been added
virtual int addZone(const std::string& name);
// Nothing special to add for this implementation (the base class
// description is sufficient).
virtual void deleteZone(int zone_id);
/// \brief Look up all resource records for a name
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