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<title>Environment variables and initial logging</title>
Logging configuration is specified in the configuration file. However,
there are several early initialization routines that are conducted even
before configuration file is read and applied. They also apply if
the new configuration does not configure any logging.
<para>There are several environment variables that control logging
behavior in the early phase of the bring up. Once configuration that hold
logging configuration is parsed and applied they no longer apply.</para>
Specifies a directory where logging system should create its
lock file. If not specified, it is ${prefix}/var/run/kea, where
prefix defaults to /usr/local. This variable must not end
with a slash. There is one special value: "none", which
instructs Kea to not create lock file at all. This may cause
issues if several processes log to the same file.
Specifies logging output. There are several special values.
"stdout" means standard output. "stderr" means standard error.
"syslog" means logging using syslog and a default name.
"syslog:foo" syntax is also permitted. It will log via syslog
using "foo" as a name. Any other value is treated as a name
of the output file. If not specified otherwise, Kea will log to
standard output.
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