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[1924] Pydoc comment for the group_sendmsg method.

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......@@ -259,6 +259,24 @@ class Session:
def group_sendmsg(self, msg, group, instance=CC_INSTANCE_WILDCARD,
to=CC_TO_WILDCARD, want_answer=False):
Send a message over the CC session.
- msg The message to send, encoded as python structures (dicts,
lists, etc).
- group The recipient group to send to.
- instance Instance in the group.
- to Direct recipient (overrides the above, should contain the
lname of the recipient).
- want_answer If an answer is requested. If there's no recipient,
the message queue would send an error message instead of the
A sequence number that can be used to wait for an answer
(see group_recvmsg).
seq = self._next_sequence()
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