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[#880] Added sanitizer usage in devel doc

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......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
* @section buildingKeaWithUnitTests Building Kea with Unit tests
* - @subpage unitTests
* - @subpage unitTestsEnvironmentVariables
* - @subpage unitTestsSanitizers
* - @subpage unitTestsDatabaseConfig
* - @subpage unitTestsSysrepo
......@@ -84,6 +84,17 @@ The following environment variable can affect the unit tests:
@note Setting KEA_TEST_DB_WIPE_DATA_ONLY to false may dramatically
increase the time it takes each unit test to execute.
@section unitTestsSanitizers Use Sanitizers
GCC and LLVM support some sanitizers which perform additional tests
at runtime, for instance the ThreadSanitizer (aka TSan) detects
data race in executed C++ code (unfortunately it intercepts signals
and fails to send them to waiting select system calls so some tests
always fail when it is used).
The simplest way to enable a sanitizer is to add it to the CXX
environment variable in .configure by e.g. <i>-fsanitize=thread</i>.
@section unitTestsDatabaseConfig Databases Configuration for Unit Tests
With the use of databases requiring separate authorisation, there are
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