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[1878] added script, and check in terrain

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ these tests are specific for BIND10, but we are keeping in mind that RFC-related
tests could be separated, so that we can test other systems as well.
- Installed version of BIND 10 (but see below how to run it from source tree)
- BIND 10 must be compiled or installed
- dig
- lettuce (
......@@ -26,27 +26,23 @@ Port 47805 is used for cmdctl, and must also be available.
(note, we will need to extend this to a range, or if possible, we will need to
do some on-the-fly available port finding)
The bind10 main program, bindctl, and dig must all be in the default search
path of your environment, and BIND 10 must not be running if you use the
installed version when you run the tests.
You can run the lettuce tests with the provided script.
If you want to test an installed version of bind 10, just run 'lettuce' in
this directory.
By default it will use the build tree, but you can use an installed version
of bind10 by passing -I as the first argument of
We have provided a script that sets up the shell environment to run the tests
with the build tree version of bind. If your shell uses export to set
environment variables, you can source the script, then
run lettuce.
The tool 'dig' must be in the default search path of your environment. If
you specified -I, so must the main bind10 program, as well as bindctl.
Due to the default way lettuce prints its output, it is advisable to run it
in a terminal that is wide than the default. If you see a lot of lines twice
in different colors, the terminal is not wide enough.
If you just want to run one specific feature test, use
lettuce features/<feature file> [-I] features/<feature file>
To run a specific scenario from a feature, use
lettuce features/<feature file> -s <scenario number> [-I] features/<feature file> -s <scenario number>
We have set up the tests to assume that lettuce is run from this directory,
so even if you specify a specific feature file, you should do it from this
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ import subprocess
import os.path
import shutil
import re
import sys
import time
# In order to make sure we start all tests with a 'clean' environment,
......@@ -383,4 +384,13 @@ def cleanup(scenario):
# Stop any running processes we may have had around
# Environment check
# Checks if LETTUCE_SETUP_COMPLETED is set in the environment
# If not, abort with an error to use the run-script
if 'LETTUCE_SETUP_COMPLETED' not in os.environ:
print("Environment check failure; LETTUCE_SETUP_COMPLETED not set")
print("Please use the script. If you want to test an")
print("installed version of bind10 with these tests, use")
print(" -I [lettuce arguments]")
if [ "$1" = "-I" ]; then
echo "$@"
source ./
exec lettuce $@
......@@ -44,3 +44,5 @@ export B10_FROM_BUILD
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