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[master] fix typo and standardize one spelling

in docs. trivial. no review.
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......@@ -472,7 +472,7 @@ var/
Some operating systems or softare package vendors may
Some operating systems or software package vendors may
provide ready-to-use, pre-built software packages for
the BIND 10 suite.
Installing a pre-built package means you do not need to
......@@ -2157,7 +2157,7 @@ AND_MATCH := "ALL": [ RULE_RAW, RULE_RAW, ... ]
you indicate that the system is not usable without the
component and if such component fails, the system shuts
down no matter when the failure happened. This is the
behaviour of the core components (the ones you can't turn
behavior of the core components (the ones you can't turn
off), but you can declare any other components as core as
well if you wish (but you can turn these off, they just
can't fail).
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