Commit 91cb5a83 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski

[2940] Extended unit test which covers the null client id leases.

Also applied a couple of minor editorial fixes.
parent 606b06ce
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ Memfile_LeaseMgr::getLease4(const HWAddr& hwaddr) const {
// Every Lease4 has a hardware address, so we can compare it
if((*lease)->hwaddr_ == hwaddr.hwaddr_) {
collection.push_back((* lease));
......@@ -102,8 +102,8 @@ public:
/// @brief Returns existing IPv4 lease for specified client-id
/// @param clientid client identifier
virtual Lease4Collection getLease4(const ClientId& clientid) const;
/// @param client_id client identifier
virtual Lease4Collection getLease4(const ClientId& client_id) const;
/// @brief Returns IPv4 lease for specified client-id/hwaddr/subnet-id tuple
......@@ -167,14 +167,32 @@ TEST_F(MemfileLeaseMgrTest, getLease4NullClientId) {
Lease4Ptr leaseA = initializeLease4(straddress4_[4]);
ClientIdPtr client_id = leaseA->client_id_;
leaseA->client_id_ = ClientIdPtr();
Lease4Collection returned = lease_mgr->getLease4(*client_id);
// Shouldn't have our previous lease ...
ASSERT_EQ(0, returned.size());
Lease4Ptr leaseB = initializeLease4(straddress4_[5]);
// Add another lease with the non-NULL client id, and make sure that the
// lookup will not break due to existence of both leases with non-NULL and
// NULL client ids.
Lease4Ptr leaseB = initializeLease4(straddress4_[0]);
// Shouldn't throw any null pointer exception
// Try to get the lease.
returned = lease_mgr->getLease4(*client_id);
// Let's make it more interesting and add another lease with NULL client id.
Lease4Ptr leaseC = initializeLease4(straddress4_[5]);
returned = lease_mgr->getLease4(*client_id);
// But getting the lease with non-NULL client id should be successful.
returned = lease_mgr->getLease4(*leaseB->client_id_);
ASSERT_EQ(1, returned.size());
// Checks lease4 retrieval through HWAddr
......@@ -219,19 +237,23 @@ TEST_F(MemfileLeaseMgrTest, getLease4ClientIdHWAddrSubnetId) {
EXPECT_TRUE(lease == Lease4Ptr());
// This test verifies that the client id can be returned as a vector.
// @todo This test should be moved to the Lease specific unit tests once
// these tests are created.
TEST_F(MemfileLeaseMgrTest, getLease4ClientIdVector) {
const LeaseMgr::ParameterMap pmap;
boost::scoped_ptr<Memfile_LeaseMgr> lease_mgr(new Memfile_LeaseMgr(pmap));
const std::vector<uint8_t> vec;
Lease4Ptr lease = initializeLease4(straddress4_[7]);
// Check that this lease has null client-id
ASSERT_TRUE(lease->client_id_ == ClientIdPtr());
// Check that this return empty vector
ASSERT_TRUE(lease->getClientIdVector() == vec);
// Check that this returns empty vector
// Let's take a lease with client-id not null
lease = initializeLease4(straddress4_[6]);
// Check that they return same client-id value
// Check that they return the same client-id value
ASSERT_TRUE(lease->client_id_->getClientId() == lease->getClientIdVector());
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