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added an entry for trac #221

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79. [func] feng, jinmei
Refactored the ASIO link interfaces to move incoming XFR and
NOTIFY processing to the auth server class. Wrapper classes for
ASIO specific concepts were also provided, so that other BIND 10
modules can (eventually) use the interface without including the
ASIO header file directly. On top of these changes, AXFR and
NOTIFY processing was massively improved in terms of message
validation and protocol conformance. Detailed tests were provided
to confirm the behavior.
Note: Right now, NOTIFY doesn't actually trigger subsequent zone
transfer due to security reasons. (Trac #221, r2565)
78. [bug] jinmei
lib/dns: Fixed miscellaneous bugs in the base32 (hex) and hex
(base16) implementation, including incorrect padding handling,
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