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[4500] copied renew doc to rebind

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......@@ -167,6 +167,38 @@ packet processing. Hook points that are not specific to packet processing
this fact; otherwise the client will think the lease was renewed and continue
to operate under this assumption.
@subsection dhcpv6HooksLease6Rebind lease6_rebind
- @b Arguments:
- name: @b query6, type: isc::dhcp::PktPtr, direction: <b>in</b>
- name: @b lease6, type: isc::dhcp::Lease6Ptr, direction: <b>in/out</b>
- name: @b ia_na, type: boost::shared_ptr<Option6IA>, direction: <b>in/out</b>
- @b Description: This callout is executed when the server engine is
about to rebind an existing lease. The client's request is provided as
the "query6" argument and the existing lease with the appropriate fields
already modified is given in the "lease6" argument. The final argument,
ia_na, is the IA_NA option that will be sent back to the client.
Callouts installed on the "lease6_rebind" may modify the content of
the "lease6" object. Care should be taken however, as that modified
information will be written to the database without any further
checking. \n\n Although the envisaged usage assumes modification of T1,
T2, preferred and valid lifetimes only, other parameters associated
with the lease may be modified as well. The only exception is the @c addr_
field, which must not be modified as it is used by the database to
select the existing lease to be updated. Care should also be taken to
modify the "ia_na" argument to match any changes in the "lease6" argument.
If a client sends more than one IA_NA option, callouts will be called
separately for each IA_NA instance. The callout will be called only
when the update is valid, i.e. conditions such as an invalid addresses
or invalid iaid rebindal attempts will not trigger this hook point.
- <b>Next step status</b>: If any callout installed on "lease6_rebind"
sets the status to SKIP, the server will not rebind the lease. Under these
circumstances, the callout should modify the "ia_na" argument to reflect
this fact; otherwise the client will think the lease was rebound and continue
to operate under this assumption.
@subsection dhcpv6HooksLease6Decline lease6_decline
- @b Arguments:
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