Commit 936511f6 authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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[1238] Compilation fix on non-Linux systems.

parent 5a2d9587
......@@ -323,13 +323,16 @@ IfaceMgr::openSocket4(Iface& iface, const IOAddress& addr, int port) {
isc_throw(Unexpected, "setsockopt: IP_RECVPKTINFO failed.")
#elif defined(IP_PKTINFO)
/* RFC2292 - an old way */
if (setsockopt(sock, IPPROTO_IP, IP_PKTINFO,
&flag, sizeof(flag)) != 0) {
isc_throw(Unexpected, "setsockopt: IP_PKTINFO: failed.");
// "Neither IP_RECVPKTINFO nor IP_PKTINFO defined. Cannot continue"
flag = 1; // just to avoid compilation warnings about unused flag variable
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