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[master] Merge branch 'trac2284'

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......@@ -538,14 +538,14 @@ public:
const RRClass& rrclass, const ZoneFinderResultContext& result) :
ZoneFinder::Context(options, ResultContext(result.code, result.rrset,
finder_(finder), // NOTE: when #2284 is done we won't need this
finder_(finder), // NOTE: when entire #2283 is done we won't need this
rrclass_(rrclass), zone_data_(result.zone_data),
// When #2284 is done this can simply return NULL.
// When all tickets in #2283 are done this can simply return NULL.
virtual ZoneFinder* getFinder() { return (&finder_); }
// We don't use the default protected methods that rely on this method,
......@@ -416,37 +416,4 @@ TEST_P(ZoneFinderContextTest, getAdditionalForAny) {
result_sets_.begin(), result_sets_.end());
TEST_P(ZoneFinderContextTest, getAtOrigin) {
ConstRRsetPtr expected_ns_rrset =
textToRRset(" 3600 IN NS\n"
" 3600 IN NS\n");
// Try getAtOrigin for an existing type (NS) record at the origin that
// has RRSIG. The RRSIG will be associated iff the original query
// has the FIND_DNSSEC option.
ZoneFinderContextPtr ctx = finder_->find(Name(""),
EXPECT_EQ(ZoneFinder::SUCCESS, ctx->code);
ConstRRsetPtr ns_rrset = ctx->getAtOrigin(RRType::NS());
rrsetCheck(expected_ns_rrset, ns_rrset);
ctx = finder_->find(Name(""), RRType::A(),
ns_rrset = ctx->getAtOrigin(RRType::NS());
rrsetCheck(expected_ns_rrset, ns_rrset);
rrsetCheck(textToRRset(" 3600 IN RRSIG NS 7 3 3600 "
"20150420235959 20051021000000 40430 "
" FAKEFAKEFAKE"), ns_rrset->getRRsig());
// For non-existing type we simply get NULL.
// Type ANY query isn't allowed.
EXPECT_THROW(ctx->getAtOrigin(RRType::ANY()), isc::InvalidParameter);
......@@ -268,67 +268,6 @@ public:
getAdditionalImpl(requested_types, result);
/// \brief Find and return given type of RRset at the zone origin.
/// DNS query processing often requires supplemental RRsets at the
/// zone origin; for example, for some negative answers we need to
/// provide the zone's SOA record; a full positive response normally
/// includes the zone's NS RRset. The application can easily get
/// these using the generic \c ZoneFinder::find() interface, but
/// depending on the underlying data source implementation, the generic
/// version could be more expensive and/or it might be possible to
/// substantially improve this particular case.
/// This method allows the underlying implementation to do such
/// optimization. The interface is simplified; it just takes
/// an `RRType` and returns the corresponding RRset if found;
/// if not found it returns NULL.
/// This method tries to find and return RRSIGs of the found RRset
/// if and only if the original lookup by \c ZoneFinder::find() has
/// the \c FIND_DNSSEC option.
/// Type ANY must not be specified for this method. It will result
/// in \c isc::InvalidParameter exception. If the application
/// needs to get all types of RRsets at the origin, it should use
/// the \c ZoneFinder::findAll() method with the zone name.
/// Note that the origin name should always exist, so there
/// shouldn't be the case where the name itself is not found
/// in the zone (i.e., the NXDOMAIN) case. But in any event
/// it does not distinguish such a hypothetical case from the
/// case where the specified type isn't found at the origin.
/// It simply returns NULL when the required type isn't found.
/// This also means it doesn't provide a DNSSEC proof of the
/// non-existence. If the application needs that proof, it must use
/// the generic \c find() method.
/// A CNAME RR shouldn't exist at the zone origin at any sanely
/// configured zone (because there should be at least SOA there and
/// CNAME cannot coexist with it), and it's generally expected
/// the underlying implementation rejects the case where a CNAME
/// somehow exists at the zone origin. Even if such a situation
/// happens, this method does not return the CNAME when the given
/// type of RRset isn't found; it will just return NULL like in the
/// normal case.
/// \throw isc::InvalidParameter Type ANY is specified
/// \throw std::bad_alloc Internal resource allocation failure
/// \param type The RR type for which an RRset at the origin is to be
/// found.
/// \return A shared pointer to the requested type of RRset or NULL
/// if not found.
dns::ConstRRsetPtr getAtOrigin(const dns::RRType& type) {
// Perform common check, then delegate the actual work to
// derived class implementation, if provided.
if (type == dns::RRType::ANY()) {
"Type ANY isn't allowed for getAtOrigin");
return (getAtOriginImpl(type));
/// \brief Return the \c ZoneFinder that created this \c Context.
......@@ -372,18 +311,7 @@ public:
const std::vector<isc::dns::RRType>& requested_types,
std::vector<isc::dns::ConstRRsetPtr>& result);
/// \brief Actual implementation of getAtOrigin().
/// This base class defines a default implementation that can be
/// used for any type of data sources. A data source implementation
/// can override it.
/// The default version of this implementation requires
/// \c getFinder() return a valid result.
virtual dns::ConstRRsetPtr getAtOriginImpl(const dns::RRType& type);
const FindResultFlags flags_;
const FindOptions options_;
......@@ -109,25 +109,5 @@ ZoneFinder::Context::getAdditionalImpl(const vector<RRType>& requested_types,
ZoneFinder::Context::getAtOriginImpl(const dns::RRType& type) {
const ZoneFinder::FindOptions options =
(options_ & ZoneFinder::FIND_DNSSEC) != 0 ?
ZoneFinder::FIND_DNSSEC : ZoneFinder::FIND_DEFAULT;
ZoneFinder* finder = getFinder();
if (finder == NULL) {
// This is a bug of the derived class implementation.
isc_throw(isc::Unexpected, "NULL ZoneFinder in finder Context");
ConstZoneFinderContextPtr ctx = finder->find(finder->getOrigin(), type,
if (ctx->code == ZoneFinder::SUCCESS) {
return (ctx->rrset);
return (ConstRRsetPtr());
} // namespace datasrc
} // datasrc isc
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