Commit 94d72340 authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[2093] add RBNode<T>::getAbsoluteLabelSequence()

parent c0f1785c
......@@ -221,6 +221,10 @@ public:
return (dns::LabelSequence(getLabelsData()));
isc::dns::LabelSequence getAbsoluteLabelSequence(
uint8_t buf[isc::dns::LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH]) const;
/// \brief Return the data stored in this node.
/// You should not delete the data, it is handled by shared pointers.
......@@ -502,6 +506,21 @@ RBNode<T>::getUpperNode() const {
return (current->getParent());
template <typename T>
uint8_t buf[isc::dns::LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH]) const
isc::dns::LabelSequence result(getLabels(), buf);
const RBNode<T>* upper = getUpperNode();
while (upper != NULL) {
result.extend(upper->getLabels(), buf);
upper = upper->getUpperNode();
return (isc::dns::LabelSequence(result));
template <typename T>
const RBNode<T>*
RBNode<T>::abstractSuccessor(typename RBNode<T>::RBNodePtr RBNode<T>::*left,
......@@ -988,4 +988,32 @@ TEST_F(RBTreeTest, root) {
root.find(Name(""), &crbtnode));
EXPECT_EQ(rbtnode, crbtnode);
TEST_F(RBTreeTest, getAbsoluteLabels) {
// The full absolute names of the nodes in the tree
const char* const domain_names[] = {
"c", "b", "a", "x.d.e.f", "z.d.e.f", "g.h", "i.g.h", "o.w.y.d.e.f",
"j.z.d.e.f", "p.w.y.d.e.f", "q.w.y.d.e.f", "k.g.h"};
// The names of the nodes themselves, as they end up in the tree
const char* const first_labels[] = {
"c", "b", "a", "x", "z", "g.h", "i", "o",
"j", "p", "q", "k"};
int name_count = sizeof(domain_names) / sizeof(domain_names[0]);
uint8_t buf[LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH];
for (int i = 0; i < name_count; ++i) {
EXPECT_EQ(RBTree<int>::EXACTMATCH, rbtree.find(Name(domain_names[i]), &crbtnode));
// First make sure the names themselves are not absolute
LabelSequence ls(crbtnode->getLabels());
EXPECT_EQ(first_labels[i], ls.toText());
// Now check the absolute names
LabelSequence abs_ls = crbtnode->getAbsoluteLabelSequence(buf);
EXPECT_EQ(Name(domain_names[i]).toText(), abs_ls.toText());
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