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[master] indentation consistency

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......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@
only for the XML documents but also is for the XSD and XSL documents.
(Trac #917, git b34bf286c064d44746ec0b79e38a6177d01e6956)
318. [func] stephen
318. [func] stephen
Add C++ API for accessing zone difference information in database-based
data sources.
(Trac #1330, git 78770f52c7f1e7268d99e8bfa8c61e889813bb33)
317. [func] vorner
317. [func] vorner
datasrc: the getUpdater method of DataSourceClient supports an optional
'journaling' parameter to indicate the generated updater to store diffs.
The database based derived class implements this extension.
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