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[2369] Add API documentation for InputSource

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......@@ -26,25 +26,47 @@ namespace isc {
namespace dns {
namespace master_lexer_internal {
/// \brief An input source that is used internally by MasterLexer.
/// This is a helper internal class for MasterLexer, and represents
/// state of a single source of the entire zone data to be
/// parsed. Normally this means the master zone file, but MasterLexer
/// can have multiple InputSources if $INCLUDE is used. The source can
/// also be generic input stream (std::istream).
/// This class is not meant for public use.
class InputSource {
/// \brief Constructor which takes an input stream. The stream is
/// read-from, but it is not closed.
InputSource(std::istream& input_stream);
/// \brief Constructor which takes a filename to read from. The
/// associated file stream is managed internally.
InputSource(const char* filename);
/// \brief Destructor
/// \brief Returns a name for the InputSource. Typically this is the
/// filename, but if the InputSource was constructed for an
/// \c std::istream, it returns a name in the format "stream-%p".
const std::string& getName() const {
return (name_);
/// \brief Returns if the input source is at end of file.
bool atEOF() const {
return (at_eof_);
/// \brief Returns the current line number being read.
size_t getCurrentLine() const {
return (line_);
/// \brief Saves the current line being read. Later, when
/// \c ungetAll() is called, it skips back to the last-saved line.
void saveLine() {
saved_line_ = line_;
......@@ -57,8 +79,17 @@ public:
/// \brief Returns a single character from the input source. If end
/// of file is reached, -1 is returned.
int getChar();
/// \brief Skips backward a single character in the input
/// source. The last-read character is unget.
void ungetChar();
/// Forgets everything read so far, and skips back to the position
/// where reading started. If \c saveLine() was called previously,
/// it sets the current line number to the line number saved then.
void ungetAll();
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