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[master] move comment to beginning of line.

This worksaround my git commit check: trailing whitespace.

The docbook stylesheet probably was wrong to do this.
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......@@ -1973,7 +1973,7 @@ what is XfroutClient xfr_client??
eventually supported. But right now it's considered a lower
priority task and there is no specific plan of implementing
this feature.
<!-- See Trac #2063 -->
<!-- See Trac #2063 -->
......@@ -2163,7 +2163,7 @@ DDNS/zones[0]/update_acl[1] {"action": "ACCEPT", "from": "::1", "key": "key.
it's not possible to specify access control with higher
granularity such as for particular domain names or specific
types of RRs.
<!-- See Trac ticket #2065 -->
<!-- See Trac ticket #2065 -->
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