Commit 99b2935b authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] Changelog entry for merge of #2445

parent 74a0abe5
520. [func] jelte
The system no longer prints initial log messages to stdout
regardless of what logging configuration is present, but it
temporarily stores any log messages until the configuration is
processed. If there is no specific configuration, or if the
configuration cannot be accessed, it will still fall back to stdout.
Note that there are still a few instances where output is printed,
these shall be addressed separately.
Note also that, currently, in case it falls back to stdout (such as
when it cannot connect to b10-cfgmgr), all log messages are always
printed (including debug messages), regardless of whether -v was
used. This shall also be addressed in a future change.
(Trac #2445, git 74a0abe5a6d10b28e4a3e360e87b129c232dea68)
519. [bug] muks
Fixed a problem in inmem NSEC lookup which caused assert failures
when a non-existent domain was queried, which was a sub-domain of
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