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--with-boost-python is no more. Doesn't need Boost Python anymore.

(And regen html)

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......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
requires SQLite 3.3.9 or newer.
The <command>b10-xfrin</command> and <command>b10-xfrout</command>
modules require the libboost library,
Boost Python library, libpython3 library,
libpython3 library,
and the Python module.
<!-- TODO: this will change ... -->
......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ var/
The Boost Library, Boost Python Library, Python Library,
The Boost Library, Python Library,
and Python _sqlite3 module are required to enable the
Xfrout and Xfrin support.
......@@ -494,14 +494,6 @@ var/
<simpara>Define to use the Boost Python library.
......@@ -527,14 +519,12 @@ var/
<!-- TODO: lcov -->
For example, the following configures it
build with Boost Python support (for Python DNS library),
For example, the following configures it to
find the Boost headers and library, find the
Python interpreter, and sets the installation location:
<screen>$ <userinput>./configure --with-boost-lib=/usr/pkg/lib \
--with-boost-include=/usr/pkg/include \
--with-boost-python \
--with-pythonpath=/usr/pkg/bin/python3.1 \
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